VSee Add Far End Camera Control for PTZOptics

Vsee Far End Camera Control Vsee Far End Camera Control

Hello UVC Control Followers!

Today we had the capacity to incorporate the latest PTZOptics USB cameras with VSee and provide far end camera control for both close and far end administrators. This is exceedingly valuable in TeleMedicine applications giving video conferencing users the capacity to zoom in and out for telemedicine circumstances from the far end. PTZOptics USB Cameras bolster UVC control (Both Relative and Absolute) for Pan Tilt and Zoom operation of the cameras. In the feature video below, Paul Richards, reviews the PTZ camera controls incorporated with VSee’s latest software release. We are utilizing the most recent software from VSee to fulfill this remote pan tilt and zoom controls for VSee. On the off chance that you don’t have the most recent form of VSee which is now modified to work with the PTZOptics camera line please contact VSee at: http://Vsee.com

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