PTZOptics adds far end camera control for Zoom Video Conferencing!

PTZOptics Far End Camera Control PTZOptics Far End Camera Control

PTZOptics announces far end camera control integration with Zoom Video Conferencing

Philadelphia, PA – PTZOptics is a pan tilt zoom camera manufacturer focusing on live streaming and video conferencing products. This week PTZOptics announces far end camera control integration with Zoom Video Conferencing. This integration allows Zoom Video Conferencing users to pan tilt and zoom our cameras directly through the Zoom interface. The technology used is called UVC camera control and it represents one of the many control protocols PTZOptics supports.

UVC camera control allows the Zoom video conferencing client to control the PTZ operations of a PTZOptics camera with no additional cabling other than the USB connection to your computer. This is the ideal control protocol for unified communications for ease of use and ease of installation. “PTZOptics cameras support both relative and absolute UVC camera control” Paul Richards dir of business development at PTZOptics mentions. “Relative UVC camera control is perfect for basic PTZ control during a video conference call. Absolute UVC camera control allows for advanced functionality such as calling an exact camera preset.”

PTZOptics has joined forces with Zoom video conferencing to provide an ideal USB PTZ camera for medium to large sized rooms. PTZOptics has also announced that they will provide a free month of zoom video conferencing with every camera sold until March 2016. “Providing Zoom video conferencing free with every camera helps our customers get started with video conferencing right away. Even if our customer is focused on live streaming and broadcast applications we think a free zoom license can open up new opportunities for internal and external video communications.”

PTZOptics hosts a live broadcast every Friday using Zoom video conferencing and YouTube Live. On December 11th, PTZOptics Live will be focusing on the use of multiple cameras with web based conferencing software such as GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom. And on December 18th, PTZOptics Live will be reviewing the far end camera control integration with Zoom.

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