Logitech cc3000e UVC Plug in for Skype for Business

Skype for business remote pan tilt zoom app Skype for business remote pan tilt zoom app

Hello UVC Control Followers!

So everybody thinks about the new Logitech cc3000e at this point right? This has been an extraordinary simple to utilize USB 2.0 feature conferencing camera (close to the below average speakerphone) for under $1,000! So one thing quite a few people don’t know is that the Logitech CC3000e likewise comes a free Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync feature conferencing plugin that furnishes the far end with camcorder container tilt zoom controls. Logitech has expressed that that both closures do oblige a “gathering cam” significance either a cc3000e or a bcc950 ptz camera at both finishes. In this way not very numerous individuals have really had an opportunity to experiment with this free feature conferencing module for skype for business that logitech has made.

logitech uvc camera driver

logitech uvc camera driver

In the feature beneath, Paul Richards, from Conference Room Systems reveal to us the Logitech cc3000e Skype for Business plugin in real life utilizing two PCs to show remote control over (Microsoft Lync when the feature was recorded and presented on YouTube) now Skype for Business. So without further clarification look at this awesome feature of the Logitech cc3000e connect to activity internet utilizing a Windows PC joined with a gigabit system with a 50M up/down system.

Logitech has developed a really nice UVC camera control protocol specifically for Microsoft Lync (now known as Skype for Business). This is a software plugin that utilizes the UVC USB video class drivers for camera control. Logitech’s plugin allows for relative camera control meaning there are no presets but you can send pan tilt and zoom commands.

The plugin is covered fully in this USB Pros post. 

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