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Hello UVC Control Followers!

There are various outlets for researching what the latest is for UVC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.5 and support for various operating systems. USB Pros just made a great post outlining the different areas where you can find specific support information for: Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. As it turns out Linux has the best support information for actual devices. This list is available on

Complete USB Pros Article here

  1. Windows
    1. Windows provides the best support for all USB Video Classes but they don’t have the most detailed information about individual devices like Linux
    2. Link here:
  2. Linux
    1. Linux has the best support from a community that has tested and verified most of the USB devices out there. We did not find any newer USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras on the list :(
    2. Link here:
  3. Mac
    1. Mac has the least amount of support and the link from Wikipedia only mentions that added support for iChat was done in 10.4
    2. Link here:

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